Release date 2008
Implementation Java
Author Pasquier C.

AllOnto (Pasquier 2008, 2011) is a Knowledge Base System capable of storing and performing queries on a large set of RDF/OWL specifications (including the storing and querying of reified statements). It includes reasoning capabilities like type inference, transitivity and the handling of these two OWL constructs: "sameAs" and "inverseOf". In addition, it is capable of storing and querying the provenance of information.

Pasquier, C. (2008), “Biological data integration using Semantic Web technologies.” Biochimie, Elsevier, 90, 584–94.

Pasquier, C. (2011), “Applying Semantic Web technologies to biological data integration and visualization,” in Data management in semantic web, eds. H. Jin and L. Zehua, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., pp. 131–151.

Claude Pasquier
Researcher in Computer Science / Computational Biology

Université côte d'Azur, CNRS, I3S Laboratory, Sophia Antipolis